Yealink Solutions

In 2015 Yealink released their range of 1st Gen video systems to marketing with features such as wireless mic pods, recording via a USB stick on every unit, dual screen capability throughout and systems with point to point capability as well as systems with inbuilt multi-way calling with 4 or 8-way all aggressively priced. Known then more for their VOIP range of IP Telephones Yealink have been building, listening and rebuilding and have completed Phase 1 of the release of the 2nd Generation systems.

Yealink, still offers many of the same features as before such as USB recording and wireless DECT based microphones for the systems but have also added a new look and feel to the systems themselves as well as the interface.

Phase 2 starts from October this year with the first of 3 native Microsoft Teams systems. Enabling a purpose build appliance video system to connect to Microsoft Cloud environments for native Teams connectivity. For others Tempura offer Cloud service for Yealink systems providing system registration and cloud based multi-point. 

The solutions that Yealink provide unifies voice, video and data for businesses of all sizes.

Yealink and Tempura are committed to help resellers who want to provide quality solutions at aggressive pricing point sto help roll out video solutions not just to the boardrooms and conferencing rooms, but to every meeting space in the end clients organisation. For more details please contact us today.


Product shown is the Flag Ship all in one VC800 with Touch screen Phone and Wireless DECT Mic Pods.

The system is available as point to point or inbuilt 8, 16 or 24 way multi-way calling capability.