Logitech Cameras

Frost & Sullivan believes there are 60-70 million physical conference rooms globally, but that only 5% of these are penetrated with video conferencing capabilities. Cost, interoperability, complexity and quality of video communication are key factors that could explain why.

The Logitech Group shifts the equation with game-changing breakthroughs in affordability, quality, interoperability, ease of use, and all-in-one design.

Tempura Ireland is part of the Logitech B2B Partner programme, supplying business grade webcams and headsets; most especially the Group camera and speakerphone set. mariner-main-feature

The Logitech Conference Cam Group combines breakthrough affordability and professional audio and video, to turn any meeting space into a video-enabled collaboration place. By using your familiar computing environment and UC application of choice, the Group is plug-and-play and easy to deploy. Work groups of 6-10 people can now experience the productivity benefits of crystal-clear face-to-face communication.

The Logitech Conference Cam Connect is the perfect Bring your own device and as with the Group becomes the perfect solution to convert a PC or laptop into a room system for videoconferencing, whether using Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts, Lifesize Cloud or any other PC based videoconferencing software.