DTEN D7 screens are not just a 4K interactive touch screen, they are a complete Zoom Room system too. Featuring Speakers, Beam Forming Microphone array, High Resolution Camera, and a Windows PC running Zoom software. Turn the unit on and it prompts for your Zoom Cloud license credentials (Available from Zoom.US directly) and it springs into life.

Available now as a Single 55″, Dual 55″ (Where 1 screen is interactive and the 2nd providing a matching looking screen for twin screen deployments) and a 75″ model.

More are coming…

Tempura also distribute the Heckler Design AV Cart made specifically for the DTEN 55″ screen, for those the don’t want to wall mount the DTEN using the included Wall Mount bracket. 1 stylus is provided and these are available as additional or spare units.

A Heckler iPad Console available with POE and the iPad are available as another option to drive the unit from sitting at the table.